New freshmen student body officers

Lilie Sanchez, Staff Writer

 Welcome to all the freshmen here at Hunter High. Most importantly, welcome to our new freshmen student body officers. We will get to know what it feels like to become an SBO from a freshman’s perspective, how they got their spots as SBOs, and if they plan to run again in future years while staying at Hunter

      First things first, what are student body officers? SBOs are the students that are chosen to represent their grade level, help out with school events/activities like assemblies, school dances, spirit weeks, and more. The students are chosen by a majority vote of the people in their grade when running for a student body office. That grade level decides who is well deserving and responsible for the role a an SBO here at Hunter high.

      Some may say that there should be student body officers for the freshmen year but some think otherwise. “There should be a representation of their grade,” says Mrs. Evans, “to show their maturity and responsibility as freshmen and  SBOs, which is understandable and reasonable.”

      “On the other hand, everyone knows that freshmen come from middle school/ junior high; the place where no one really takes school seriously and students act immature for their age,” came from an anonymous student.  Knowing how irresponsible junior high students can be, that is also a pretty reasonable thing to think of. Overall, freshmen student body officers have a chance to prove themselves to the school that they have moved on from that junior high/middle school stage and to prove that they are mature and responsible enough for high school [most importantly, the role of an SBO here at Hunter High School.]

      Being an SBO will be a challenge. We all wish the freshmen SBOs of this year to work hard and do their best. Hopefully we will see them run again in the next following years here at Hunter High. Good luck and have fun freshmen student body officers.