A long-standing rivalry


Sydnie Archer, Staff Writer

Friday October 8, Hunter went up against their long-standing rival, Cyprus. In this home game, Hunter’s 2021-2022 junior varsity football team, gave us a glimpse into their foundation of the three Hunter values, attitude-effort-toughness. Coach Terell Richards is quoted saying, ” That’s what we’ve been trying to instill in our young group. These core values become their foundation”.

Richards’s confidence in his team is truly inspiring. This school year’s football team is the youngest group he has ever taught. Their improvement in both maturity and skill since the beginning of the school year will be a shock to everyone who sees it. The team is instilled to use a growth mindset and to always work at being better at everything. This team has not only physical strength, but also the mental strength to try until they succeed and succeed until they win. Hunter High is excited to see them grow and win as we go through this football season.

Hunter’s team won the game, 15-22. They dominated the second half in this home conference game.