Zodiac Killer confirmed?

Shienne Alanis, Staff Writer

In the past week some news have been covering a big case that took over for a while since it was about the famous “Zodiac Killer” who had more than 35+ victims from 1968 to 1969. And had even been messing with the cops and the investigators by sending letters to the news about how he killed his victims and how they could find out his identity through the letters. Since supposedly he had put a specific code in the letters that would lead them to who he was. But even with the notes and the code. 

Years had passed where they hadn’t been able to confirm who the killer was at all. Many had their theories from suspecting Ted Bundy, to a woman, to many other killers at that time, too. Even a girl came forward on social media that she thought her grandfather had been the Zodiac Killer back in the day. But now it was confirmed that the famous Zodiac Killer had been confirmed as Gary Francis Poste. Who had supposedly killed 5 people in the late 1960’s but was never caught at the end. That led him to keep going and becoming the Zodiac Killer. But even with finding out this information and confirming that it was him they cannot do anything about it due to the fact that he had already passed in 2018. This meant half justice was served as he couldn’t be charged and punished for what he did in the end.