A big case about skipping

Selina Malu and Tausinga Makaafi

Everybody has their own reason why to love or hate skipping class. Yet while interviewing a lot of people most of their reasons seemed to be what people expect. A lot of the teachers and office staff seemed to say the same things, such as,. “Go to class,” “Don’t do it,” and “It hurts you in the future.” All of those statements are true, and they were said in a way that we expected. I (Selina) expected them to tell me to go to class. I expected them to tell me that if you don’t go to class you won’t graduate. Everything they said I knew that they were going to tell me. When interviewing students it was a lot more honest, but at the same time some of them were lying. Tausinga agrees skipping school is not a good idea.

In conclusion teachers say expected answers because they know what will happen. They have seen it, they have experienced it and have already known the outcome of it. They are not hard on you because they don’t want you to have fun. They are hard on you because they want you to make better choices while being young so you don’t end up making a bad career choice. I am not being biased because the teachers are older or because I don’t want to get an F for this story, but because I know that your choices will affect you. I didn’t pay attention to any of the signs my freshman or sophomore year because I was too busy fantasizing myself being in high school. My junior year I was a little of both, I was serious yet I still made my bad decisions. Currently in my senior year of high school I am catching up on all my credits I didn’t achieve in my past three years. So to end for real this time, “Go to class and get that diploma.”

Everyone has a reason to skip class, either the teacher is really biased or they just don’t like the class, the student that is skipping. The teachers are like half of the reason why students want to skip, while other students just skip class to just mess around. Personally I would just skip the class I hate the most, but I want to make it to senior year so I need to go to the class that I hate, [even though I hate that class I have to go to the class I hate the most.] I don’t really like skipping class but teachers that you hate the most can make you skip that class and sometimes you have a reason to skip class. So that’s some of my opinions on skipping in school.