Unified Soccer

Pyper Fowles, Staff Writer

This year our school is participating in Unified Sports. Unified Sports is a branch of Special Olympics where special ed, regular ed, and disabled students combine to compete against other schools. Our track coach Ashley Ellis stated “ It provides an opportunity for our students to come together and develop friendships, build confidence, feel more a part of our school, and develop a variety of leadership qualities.” This year our soccer team faced Jordan and Skyline high schools crushing both teams. Our players were: Whitney Rasmussen, Ashton Smith, Dalila Luna, Ben Canham, Dallin Harding, Zander Carter, Anthony Garcia, Angelly Velazquez, William Ricks, and Elijah Knight. And our wonderful coaches are Ashley Ellis, Lynsay Carter, and John Young. Our school showed this team amazing support and the stands were filled!

Coach Ellis commented, “While I love our track team, my absolute favorite team here at Hunter is our Unified Sports team because it reminds me of the real reason we have competition: To uplift, encourage, better ourselves, work and support one another.  We do it for the pure love of the game and to help each other be our best selves.” Coach Ellis would like students to know that if any of you would like to participate in this program; you can switch into her class where you can practice, play, and workout together. Talk to Coach Ellis or your counselor. We hope to see you play at the basketball game and run track. Best of luck!