School back in session

Alexa Zoleto, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has had and still does have an impact in many aspects of our life including school and the hoops the district has had to jump through to give us an education. For the safety of the teachers and students, last year was optional to in-person lessons or online as well as taking off every Friday as an online day, now we’re back in school with everyone in-person. Because of how school was handled last year it left some questions lingering about the students and teachers on how they are facing being back in person with no online days. The world closing took a toll on us, it’s also just as hard to get back up to try and live our normal lives before Covid-19.

One of the students who was in-person at school last year and this year as well is Sydnie Archer, a junior now. She answers some questions about her thoughts on the school.

How do you feel about this school year/last year? “It’s a lot different now, a lot less standard now with how they’re dealing with COVID. Other than that, school is pretty mediocre.” Do you think this school year will be easier or harder? “ I feel like this year will be easier because we won’t be as hindered by sanitizing as often and having to deal with administrators telling people to always have a mask on. As long as everyone is vaccinated or wearing a mask then it’s fine and not as bad.” If that is not done yet, what do you think should still be done? “I feel like it should be mandatory and not just a suggestion, that if you are not vaccinated you have to wear a mask.”

As great as it is being back in school it seems there are still issues the district and school have to solve.