Courtesy to the camera

Pyper Fowles, Staff Writer

     At any event at Hunter High School you will always see a person with a camera. These people are our yearbook staff. I’ve personally talked to many of the yearbook staffers and all of them have the same complaint. People walking in front of the camera. Now I’m aware that not everyone is doing it, but enough people are. Mostly coaches and staff, you guys may be in charge of us but the yearbook is something for everyone. 

     But coaches and staff aren’t the only problem, and it’s not just happening to yearbook students. It’s also happening to our TV Broadcasting students. Students in the hallways will walk in front of the camera in the middle of production with out batting an eye. This causes these students to have to restart their videos, delaying its uploading, and affecting their grades. It’s common courtesy and we wouldn’t be doing it in public. These pictures and videos are things that are something for all of the Hunter High family. So when possible please show courtesy to the camera; how would you feel if it was you?