The 2019-2020 Hunter High School year has come to an end

Sofia Rocha, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 Hunter High School year has come to an end and with it, it takes memories throughout the whole school year. From dances to competitions, this year was full of surprises. It welcomed new freshmen and said goodbye to seniors. Let’s go back to August shall we? The doors of the school were opened once again and new people were walking the halls for the very first time, while others looked for friends and everything was so familiar already. Seniors ready for their last year of high school while freshmen were desperately looking for their classes. It was a new year and some were excited to make it a good one. Everything was going just fine until March came around.
The virus known as COVID-19 had started spreading at a rapid pace and had reached the U.S, who announced quarantine during the beginning of March. Students were left confused as to how they were going to do their work while being home. Thanks to modern technology, students were able to get a school chromebook if needed to do their homework and meet up with teachers. Unfortunately, some birthdays had to be celebrated inside without family and friends for some students. Tours from artists had to be postponed until later this year or until next year, leaving a lot of fans devastated. Going outside was also not recommended due to the virus spreading easily, however, that didn’t stop some people from going to their local grocery store to get necessities.
While some understood how deadly this virus is, some were ignorant enough to not even care about the rule of staying six feet away. Apart from the sudden news of being quarantined, a couple of days later, there was an earthquake that unnerved residents even more. With aftershocks that lasted for a couple more days, residents were more shaken now. There isn’t a way to prevent a natural disaster but with a pandemic going on, it’s safe enough to say that Utah was in a nervous state. After a while, things calmed down and everything went back to a normal quarantine life. Some artists even dropped albums for their fans to listen to while in quarantine, like Dua Lipa and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Some people started baking as something to do while stuck inside home, others went to TikTok, a famous app in which people are able to create dances and funny videos.
After everything that’s happened, some can still say it was a good school year, even though the last three months they weren’t able to see friends or go to school. With school being over in two days, it’s surprising to look back at where we started. Some things have changed while others stayed the same, but together we’ve proven that even when we’re far apart we’re still together as a big family. It’s sad looking at the circumstances in which seniors will graduate with, but everyone is proud. Go Hunter Wolverines!