Utah hits 7,000 confirmed coronavirus cases

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

As of writing this, May 17, the state of Utah has hit over 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Most of which are in the down town and West Valley area. The death toll currently is at 78 with 578 total hospitalizations (since the virus broke out). Scientist say that about 55% of the state has recovered which adds up to 3,556 people recovered out of the 7,000+ cases.

With much of the state in a yellow zone things are opening up which means more people are coming together, what does this mean for the virus out break. Utah’s case numbers seem to be almost the same everyday, ranging from 100-190 but we are slowly climbing back up to our peak amount of cases in a single day. As of April 2nd, we had 203 cases in one day, since then we never got up to above 200 cases in a day. But as of May 15 we had 194 cases which is the most cases we’ve had since the peak. And as of May 16 we only had 129 confirmed cases, as are numbers go back down the a stable amount.