Most of Utah heading into a low risk coronavirus zone

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

Governor Gary Herbert announced that most of Utah will being to head into a low risk zone. Some places though will stay in the moderate risk zone such as West Valley, Salt Lake city, Grand County, Summit County, and Wasatch County. The low risk zones will be set into place on Saturday May 16 at 12.00 AM. With this low risk zone school can also reopen for next with curtain regulations. The Artificial states ” increased cleaning and hygiene regimens and children will have limited, socially-distant interactions.”

The places that will have this low risk zone set into place can open with curtain regulations, one of them states “all businesses can reopen, people can gather in groups of 50 or fewer (while continuing to maintain social distancing)”. Also sport teams can being to play as normal, but with restrictions as well.