Will we get our summer

Haelei VanGend, Staff writer

With school coming to a close, students are starting to look forward to their summer plans. Students are starting to want to go swimming, go to lakes, travel to see family, and so much more. But we are all also worrying that that won’t happen. This recent pandemic may stop us from all of our plans. Certain businesses a may not open up.

Some of the busiest places here in Utah during the summer are Lagoon and of course the pools. Lagoon is not yet open, and neither are any pools. Students looking forward to these summer plans are not so sure if they will happen this year. Everyone who has been in quarantine is helping out to let us have our summer, but here are of course the people who are not staying home. They are the soul reason we are not able to have the summer we’ve been dreaming of.

Students, if you want your summer stay home! The only way we can all make memories this summer is if we stay inside until this pandemic has smoothed over. Stay safe wolverines.