The Last Dance episodes

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

These last episodes are about the most different person of the 90s basketball era. Dennis Rodman tells us that he was with the Pistons before the Bulls and he had already won 2 championships with the “Bad Boy Pistons.” Then when he started to act as himself no team really wanted him. One day when he was in the Pistons he took a rifle and went for a drive. He was going end his life but something stopped him from doing it. Then he was traded to the Bulls. It was there during his time with the Bulls he dated Madonna and this was the person that made him come out of his shell. She had told him to just be himself since that point he painted his hair different colors, and even married himself. He was also a very important part of the 90s Bulls, nicknamed the worm because he could wiggle his way to any rebound. He was a really good rebounder even though he was only 6’7″. This showed us how athletes really do have goofy personalities.