Multiple small earthquakes rattle Utah and around Utah

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

In the past weeks Utah has been hit with many small but noticeable earthquakes. Just Northwest of Logan Utah, a series of small earthquakes started with a 3.08 magnitude earthquake. The area since then has been hit by 2 magnitude 2 earthquakes and many smaller ones. Another small series of earthquakes happened just south of Huntington Utah starting with a magnitude 2, since then the area has been hit with a few smaller earthquakes.

North of Vegas was hit with a magnitude 2 earthquake and was also hit by many aftershocks. Idaho is also still rattling with a enormous amount of earthquakes after there 6.2 back in late March. The state still continuing to get around 2-3 magnitude aftershocks, the state seems to be cooling down slowly but surly. Other then the states the rest of the world is also being hit with earthquakes, one of the newest ones being in Indonesia at a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, followed by many other large size aftershocks.