Two Teens Go Missing at Sarahtoga Springs

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

Two teen by them names of Priscilla Bienkowski and Sophia Hernandez went missing almost 4 days ago. The two girls planed on going to Sarahtoga Springs a few days ago and took two pool floats. The girls suddenly went missing when the wind conditions picked up and they went missing without a trace. The police department said that know one saw the girls go under water so they are investigating every possible way they could have gotten out without going under water.

May 9, residents had a gathering for the two teens in hope they will be found again. The two teens family’s are just praying that they will soon be found. Other statements included,  “We don’t want the worst-case scenario. We want them back home because they are our girls and we can’t be without them,” Sophia’s dad Jimmy Hernandez said.