Too soon

Xitlali Martinez, Staff Writer

As we all may know a lot of quarantine restrictions are beginning to be lifted and places are being reopened. Several states are remaining under quarantine restrictions and closings, as they should be. Unfortunately for us we live in Utah one of the other several states that are opening up and such despite not really following the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations. Also as we’ve seen our fellow Utahns aren’t exactly the brightest and have just begun to flood the general public. I understand the frustration of not being able to hang out with friends or go out a lot, but you have to look at the other side of things and understand that hospitals are swamped with people and going out and risking not only your life but the lives of others is only hindering the progress of controlling the virus. In my opinion it might just be too soon for us to start opening things back up. Just because the government is saying you can go out does not mean you should.