New scary headlines

Sofia Rocha, Staff Writer

May 2020 has just started, but with some scary news. Murder Hornets have arrived to the U.S. and are a threat to honey bees and humans as well. It is said that they’re sting is powerful enough to kill a human being. According to the most recent news, they decapitate bees and eat them along with their pupae and larvae and live in the hive four about a week. They have been spotted in the very west of Washington and aren’t a lot of a worry right now, however people are trying to reduce their population due to the fact that they decimate bee populations.
The story of how the giant Asian hornets got to Washington is still unknown. There are a lot of things that are still unknown of this new insect, but what is known is that they come from Japan. They are hunted and eaten in Japan but do cause around 30 to 50 deaths a year. They can sting multiple times unlike a bee and the sting can cause a lot of swelling.
Apart from the Murder Hornets, small businesses reopened on May 1. You can now eat inside restaurants but safety guidelines still apply, such as social distancing. In times like these it is stressful for some to get what they need, like senior citizens who are more vulnerable to the virus. Some people offer their services to them if they need to get groceries or simply ask if they need help with anything. No one knows how long this pandemic will last, but for now it is safest to stay home and have as less public contact as possible.