Pandemic protests

Xitlali Martinez, Staff Writer

In recent news there’s been a rise of predominantly white anti-quarantine protests across the US. The majority of these protests are run by pro-gun Trump-loving conservatives. Ignoring all medical professionals and actual science these people are claiming that the virus is a “hoax” and argue that things need to be opened back up. They’ve made ignorant and disrespectful claims such as comparing what they’re doing to the Civil Rights Movement. In no way, shape, or form does it even come close to being the same. The Civil Rights Movement was a fight for equality and justice for African Americans whereas these people are fighting the fact that they can’t go out and get a mediocre hair cut. Furthermore these people have not been met with any backlash from the police or government officials whereas when POC or members of the LGBTQ+ community were protesting against police brutality, inequality, unjust murders, etc they were met with tear gas, hoses, beatings you name it. These same protesters are the same people who preach “they should’ve just obeyed the law” which clearly in their eyes this only applies when the law is against them.