What I’ve been up to

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

There aren’t that many things to do during this quarantine. Some people just spend the day just on their phones watching videos or movies. I on the other hand, have been doing my homework, trying to turn everything in on time if I can. My parents have decided to start a mini garden and I’m in charge of watering the plants. So everyday I go out to water the plants. I also go outside some days to play basketball or just hang out outside in my front yard with my family.

I have also applied to work at a truck wash. I applied at the same place my brother already has a job in. I have an interview for the job tomorrow and I hope I get the job. I have also been just playing video games as many kids have been too during this quarantine. Sometimes my family plays games together, like dominos, Uno or “Lotería” (Mexican Bingo). But yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been up to during this quarantine. I hope you’re all staying safe!