My story

Elizabeth Poole, Staff Writer

There still are people affected by coronavirus. There are many homeless people that are unable to get away from the virus and pass away shortly after. All over the world now there is the coronavirus. The United States has the most coronavirus cases. We have a lot of homeless and so many others passing from this. There have been many jobs that have affected many people working at home or working on getting a new job. There have been many businesses trying to still stay open during drive thrus or if some businesses don’t have a drive thru then only so many people in the establishment.
Many people also have been affected by the coronavirus in different ways. Many people that are struggling with drugs, abuse, and mental health. There have been some people passing from that.
I recently had two family members pass away from suicide and drug overdose. There have been many teenagers that I have seen being affected by this. Know you’re not alone and if you’re going through something similar I really hope you get through that it never easy so I hope the best. We are all disturbed by COVID-19 and I do wish the best for you, your family, and loved ones. This has changed many lives and is still impacting many. There is so much we don’t think about usually we do impact others in many ways and just reaching out to someone giving them a call can help. To those going or getting through hard times right now there are so many people that love you and care about you. We can all get through this together, stay safe and stay strong.