Avoiding misinformation

Carlos Whitmer, Staff Writer

During our quarantine, one of the most important parts that we have to take care of is that we have to remain informed with the correct information and guidelines so we can keep ourselves and others around us as safe as possible. A big problem that has become more significant during this time is the spread of misinformation. Misinformation is information that is not accurate and it’s bad because some people may actually believe it and do the wrong things just because they thought it was true.

The first step to combat misinformation is that you have to get your info from a credible source. These sources could be things like popular news companies and credible news sites. If you use credible sources then there is a lower chance that the information you will receive is inaccurate. It’s also important to look at multiple sources to confirm that the information is true and shared by different sources.

Another important thing is to not share misinformation. When this is done it spreads from person to person and it gets more attention. When someone you know has shared misinformation, then politely let them know and try to help them with tips on getting accurate information. This way we can stay informed and help the people that have harder times with false information.