Is online school worth it

Haelei VanGend, Staff Writer

As most all of you know, this recent pandemic as required students to no longer attend public school. Students and teachers had to quickly switch to online learning. Students all across Utah have found ways to share answers to classes, including assignments and tests. Students can simply google any question on any assignment and get in an instant. This clearly takes away the point of learning and maintaining the information we will need for our next school year. But this is not stopping anyone.

Students have created group chats designated to certain classes/subjects. In these group chats the students can share any information needed for that class that gives everyone in the group chat the answers. This defeats the purpose of learning, but it has seemed to help out many students.

There is virtually no way to stop students from doing this. With googling answers, watching videos on youtube, and simply texting a friend, there is really no reason students have to complete the work themselves.