Hunter’s neighborhood

Elizabeth Poole, Staff Writer

Road construction is now slowly going the other side of the road on 4200 South; they haven’t blocked off everything on just one side. There has been a lot done sense the virus happened. Seems like they have been more efficient on the roads. There also is less traffic which could make it easier for them to work on construction. This construction goes from 5600 West to between 4000 West and Bangerter Highway. There also was a new gas station that they are currently building as well that goes down the same street, 4825 West 4100 South.

The gas station is coming along great. They took down the old building and made it from the ground up and it looks great so far. They have pretty much done a lot – other than concrete and some other touch ups. But so far the construction is looking great. The road doesn’t look the best right now there is still a lot they need to do. But they have been lowering the road on the other side that got done and from that makes it look so good. They have been doing a great job. The government of Utah has let people go back to their jobs.

With COVID-19 the construction workers have been doing a great job. They have been working so hard making sure they get the job done. They make sure they are staying apart from each other as much as possible. People like this help everyday for the things we drive on, live in, and nothing would be possible without these people. It is not only construction workers, there are so many people that have been helping at this hard time. This helps everyone for people that help make things possible even the little things are appreciated.