School lockers

Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

If you happened to have left something in your locker at school, you won’t have to worry anymore about how you’ll get your stuff back! On May 6th our school will be open for you to come in and clean out your lockers. However, there are specific times that you are allowed to go, and it all depends on where your locker is located. When and if you do end up going, you will need to enter through the East main office doors near the flagpole, but if you are coming to just get stuff out of swimming and gym lockers you will enter through lower East A-hall and come at specific times based on your last name. Now I will list off the times for you to come to the school building, based off of the location of your locker and your last name.

For your locker and gym/swimming locker (both at once, or just your hall locker)

● Upper C-hall: 9:00 AM

● Lower C and A-hall: 10:00 AM

● Upper B-hall: 11:00 AM

● Lower B-hall: 12:00 PM

● G & E-halls: 1:00 PM

For just you gym/swimming lockers

● A-Gap: 9:00 AM

● Gar-Mat: 10:00 AM

● Mau-Ph: 11:00 AM

● Pi-Sot: 12:00 PM

● Sou-Z: 1:00 PM

If you do not go and pick up your own items, they will be bagged, labeled and available for pick up in the main office between the 13th and the 22nd of May. If they aren’t picked up they will be donated to charity.