Melina Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Covid-19 is diffusing because a lot of people don’t follow the rules to stay in their house for it not to spread, or they don’t cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze. That’s how it can be contracted by others. Also people are touching things. People might touch thing such as shopping cars, and no one knows if the person before them had a problem or a flu virus. Even when they go to the parks, and then they are touching their face, and when they get home they don’t wash their hands. Even when a lot of people are not healthy to begin with, or do not eat with with healthy habits, that somewhat can make them more easily get covid-19 and spread it to others without them knowing they have it.
Some pros and cons about coronavirus is that a lot of people are not going out, which is good, because the virus can stop earlier than the date expected. A good thing, there’s not that much traffic for the ones that need to go to work. But some cons is that if people don’t stay in, it can spread more, and you won’t know if you have it if you’re going out and not even caring.