Utah government lets people go about their day

Elizabeth Poole, Staff Writer

Utah’s government just recently let people go about their day. Many places are not opening up their businesses completely. People still are having to order online and have someone give them their orders outside of the establishment. People are also using drive-thrus, as fast food places are not letting any customers inside. There are some businesses open, but they have signs around their store or establishment making sure people are as safe as possible. This will be pretty hard to deal with, especially with everyone now more free to go out.

It is important to stay safe at this time. There are a lot of changes and we need to make sure we are well-informed about it all. There are many things we still need to do that might affect us for quite a while. There are many people in the United States who are homeless and can’t survive. There are many events we are missing because of this. Many high school seniors wanted to go to prom and graduate. There are many plans for graduation, but there still is a lot of debate about it all.

Please stay safe. The virus is still going strong and we should use masks, gloves, and make sure we are washing hands making sure we are being safe. Most everyone [and places] are doing this for everyone’s safety. I hope everyone remains safe and makes sure their loved ones and them are doing well. If not I wish the best for them in this hard time.