Corona Virus Utah

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

Utah is holding up pretty well to this pandemic and what comes with it. The results are showing that we already had are peak at the beginning of April with the most recorded cases being 203 in a signal day. As of right now we haven’t gotten close to that number but scientist are saying that we will continue going up and down in are cases and with each rise in case numbers the lower they’ll get. That math is turning out to be true with the current numbers as of April 22.

As for the waiting of reopening of things, Davis County said they’ve seen a 50% decrease in cases, and Weber and Morgan counties are only reporting up to an average of 3 cases a day. All three of those counties plan to have a soft reopening to their economies as soon as May 1, like the originally reopening time. They plan to be reopening sit down dining, gyms, hair and nail salons, but will still be expected to wear face mask and sanitize with more guidance as the weeks come.