Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

As we know school is cancelled, but do we ever think about everyone else this affects? Sure teachers have to work from home, and so do we, but we aren’t the only ones who are having their lives changed by this. Our school not only has teachers, but also janitors/custodians and sweepers who help keep our building clean. The one issue is that since no students are at the building to create these messes, since they have nothing to do these people are getting let go, as in fired. This leaves them without a job for a good amount of time, since finding a job isn’t that easy. Sometimes it can take at least a week or two, if not more to finally get contacted back for a job interview. Just know that we aren’t the only ones struggling and some people do in fact have it a lot worse than us, so make you stay grateful with what you have since at any moment something you love and cherish can disappear so fast. And if you are able to, maybe even donate to some homeless shelters or something, just to help out, even if it’s just a little bit. Something is better than nothing.