4.1 aftershock a month after the 5.7 earthquake

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

Last night at 8:56 PM, Utah was hit with another moderate aftershock. This was very unexpected knowing the aftershocks were happening less and less. This one was a magnitude 4.1, which is considered light, but still can cause damage and can definitely be felt. The citizens of Utah began to believe that it was another earthquake, but the officials at the University of Utah claimed it was an aftershock. Ever since this event last night the aftershocks in Utah have significantly gone up. This morning, April 15, we had around three to four aftershocks in a 20 minute span Of course these were small aftershocks you can’t often feel.

Aftershocks can happen for weeks, months, or even years at a time. So who knows how long this will continue since these type of things cannot be predicted. Just be prepared for anything because you never know what could happen.