Online school

Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

Online school, it’s something everyone thought would be nice and easy. And honestly, it sort of is. We don’t have too much work, but what’s the main issue with this distance learning? Well, when we are in our school building and going to our classes, we end up getting reminded every other day about our work. Once we start work from home we don’t have that same situation. We don’t have anyone helping us to stay on track, and that definitely will end up causing a bunch of students to fall behind in classes, which is not good for the students and parents. The school might like it, because they’ll get money from you having to retake the class, but that still isn’t easy for you, or the teacher since it’ll be wasting important time for both of you.

During this quarantine, make sure you are keeping up on your work. Do not let yourself fall behind, always check on Canvas, and maybe even get ahead if you’re really dedicated. Falling behind can be really hard to recover from, and trust me, I doubt you are wanting to have to explain to your parents on why they have to pay extra cash for you to retake a class, when during the whole time you could’ve just been simply turning in your class work.

When it comes to this online schooling, we really don’t even have that much work, so there really is no excuse on why you’d be falling behind. Plus the assignments are pretty self explanatory, and if you still don’t understand them after reading over the instructions your teacher has left you, you can try either emailing them or simply search up a tutorial on how to do said assignment. Just make sure you are keeping up on everything, and get everything done on time, cause you can still watch Netflix while doing your class work.