Distance learning

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

We’re all in quarantine right now, so for students and teachers that means distance learning. Distance learning can have its pros and cons. I personally don’t really like distance learning, but we don’t really have a choice. So with distance learning you do everything at home, get all your assignments online, or go to school to get work packets if you don’t have an internet connection at home, and just turn them in.

Sounds simple enough right ? Well, yeah. But for me it just doesn’t feel right and it just makes it harder for me to concentrate since I’m not in an actual classroom and being taught face to face. It poses a challenge. I’m in my house and I can get distracted easily or just try to put things off since I’m at my house and know that I can do things later on.

While in school, being in a classroom and having a limited amount of time to complete in-class work helps me get it done right there and then. Also when you have a question and e-mail your teachers, they reply back and explain it to you. But sometimes you still don’t get it and need more help understanding, but that can be hard if you’re just reading words off of a screen instead of being there in person watching and learning. Either way, I hope this quarantine won’t go past May 1.