Sofia Rocha, Staff Writer

COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, has devoured the world causing a pandemic. What makes this virus so dangerous? The virus is in incubation from 1-14 days and later starts to affect the person. Symptoms include cough, fever, and in extreme cases, difficulty breathing. There are ways to prevent getting this disease, however it is recommended to not go out at all unless necessary. With COVID-19 being a threat, online schooling has been something schools are doing. Teachers have been uploading school work on CANVAS as they would normally if students were at school, and doing zoom chats.
Students have been through quite a bit since quarantine started, with an earthquake happening a couple of days after quarantine was announced. There are two options for students when it comes to distance learning. One of them is doing school work online and the other one is going to the school and picking up a packet with papers that include the same work if done online. As said before, it is not recommended to go out at all, but if necessary make sure to take precautions. Wearing face masks is recommended when out.
With this being said, take care and be cautious. Help seniors if you can, they are the ones that can be affected a lot by the Coronavirus. Donate money to help if you can. Stay safe.