A world without sports

Gage Versteeg, Sports Editor

For many the sporting world is not just entertainment for them once they get home from work/school. For many it is an escape. An escape from the troubles and stress that the normal world can cause, whether it be school, a job, or more serious matters, sports is there to help calm all those nerves and gives you a few hours to just relax. Sports can offer the ability to throw you into a world where everything is alright, well that is usually the case, until now.
Covid-19 has thrown the world into a place that almost all of us have never seen before. It has cancelled everything from school, to sports, to even going over to a friend or relatives house. In most times sports would be here, all of us sitting back and relieving stress, anxiety, or even just passing time and boredom with sports. But not this time. Even during the time World War 2 was at its highest, there were still sports going on. Now even professional athletes are sitting at home living their lives as if they were a normal person in a time like this.
Sports, much like everything else, will be back. It’s arrival will start the time where everything goes back to normal, or relatively normal. It will be the catalyst to the world going back to how it was just a few months ago. And it will be a thing that will never be forgotten. The world will once again be reunited by the only thing that can bring it together, sports.
Until that time remember to follow guidelines that are being recommended and social distance. The sooner we flatten the curve and slow Covid-19 down, the sooner we will go back to “normal”. Stay safe out there, and stay home.