A great time to pick up new hobbies

Carlos Whitmer, Staff Writer

While we are all inside during this quarantine, a lot of us will eventually get used to the online school and grow bored. This along with not being able to do as many as activities outside or with friends and family. This is why it is a great opportunity to start trying to learn a new skill. This is something that could help you in the future or just something fun. The point is that in this moment where everything is weird and confusing, it can be comforting to pick up something new and practice it. One of my hobbies that I enjoy is playing my guitar and during this quarantine, I have had a lot of time to practice and see more improvement. 

Another important thing to remember during this quarantine is to stay healthy and keep up the physical activity even though many places are now closed and you can’t go out as much. This is so that when you come back you will be ready to resume everything normally without being unprepared. You can even try to pick up new physical hobbies to help you keep active and entertained. It’s also something to keep you happy and a bit distracted from the outside world.

The most important thing to remember still is that you have to stay informed of what is happening , just don’t overthink it. Information is something that will always help you and the news will always be a vital part of our lives. Using the information we will do our best to keep the infection rates low here in Utah.