Quarantine activities

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

So as we all know, we should be quarantining, unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to go outside, like to go get groceries. So while you’re stuck inside, what is there to do? Well that depends on what you have around the house. I personally have a Nintendo Switch, and I spend most of my time playing games on that, it keeps me entertained for a long time. I also go outside and play basketball with my brothers and my dad, since we have a hoop in our driveway. For people who don’t have a Switch or even a gaming console for that matter, or just don’t enjoy playing video games, there are plenty of other things to do to spend the time. Like reading a book, if you don’t have any books, there are plenty of books available online for free. One of my favorite books is the Harry Potter series. You can also try to spend time with family, play some board games, watch tv together, or just hang out in your front yard together. If you’re reading this then that means you have an internet connection, so somethings you can do on the internet is play some games, or just even go on YouTube and watch some videos.