Phone policy

Colby Hayden, Elizabeth Poole, Staff Writers

As we all know our school has a phone policy, which states that you are not allowed to use your devices in class. Our policy is not wrong, phones can end up being distractions and could possibly end up being used inappropriately. The reason our school enforces this rule is so we can get the education we need, but if we spend all of our time on our phones how do you expect to get good grades or understand what’s going on? Your high school diploma is very important if you are wanting to have a good future but what do teachers really think about this policy? Cause then again, not everyone has the same opinions on this topic, so should it be up to the teachers whether or not they allow the usage of phones in their classrooms? Elizabeth went and interviewed two teachers about their opinions on this subject. This is what they had to say. 


Ms. Gunderson is more strict on the policy and would rather students use them for “education purposes” only. She does deal with some students not following this rule where she does have to tell them many times to not be on their devices. Ms. Gunderson only gives out “ 1 warning” and then they go into her “little green bucket” she likes to call it but then is returned at the end of class. It makes sense why she is doing this; she wants the attention of her students. More participation in the classroom as well. Ms Gunderson also told me they were surveyed at one point about the phones. They have talked about phones in faculty meetings so far nothing yet has changed. This could change at any moment or maybe years passing if it is too much of a problem. 


Mr. Wittwer seems to be more open to phone use. He doesn’t mind it being in his class he has many students with their devices out. He doesn’t really care about the whole phone thing he doesn’t think that there should be stricter rules but he can go on “either sides of the argument”. This was sometimes a problem in the past for him. He stated that “teachers should figure out what works with them”. He does allow phones in his room for students to be freely to use them unless he wants their attention, then politely asks to put them away. Mr. Wittwer is more understanding with phones and this seems to be working for him but it really just how you look at both sides there are many good and bad things about phone use. They can help but they can also be a problem.    


What do you think about the phone policy? Do you think it’s too strict, or not strict enough?