Hunter High spring sports

Zachary Howick, Staff Writer

The weather is getting better, which means spring is right around the corner which also means a whole bunch of sports are coming into season for Hunter High. A lot of the sports are starting and or going to be starting very very soon. Hunter High’s baseball just started a couple weeks ago, softball is starting very soon, track just started last week, it’s crazy. Some of these sports are still join able right now but most of them won’t be for very long. Football preseason is coming up soon though, for the past month the football players have been going to the weight room after school and training. There may only be very little time to hop in a join them for the last few of those.

In April, Hunter High’s notorious cheer team will be having there tryouts a few days before prom. Around that same time football should almost be in full action. Baseball season should be ending around that time and softball. Speaking of softball they might have a little trip down to St. George for their final game. Remember that these sports will cost money like always and the prices can be found out either from the coaches of these teams, or ask the main office.