Cheer nationals

Colby Hayden, Elizabeth Poole, Staff Writers

Cheer nationals started last week. It was going on through February 19th to the 23rd. They went on their trip to Los Vegas, Wednesday night. The trip lasted until Sunday morning. Krisa Barker, one of the cheer participants, said that she had enjoyed her visit. When I was talking to her, she said her favorite part was that she got a room with her best friend but also they could hang out and perform together. But she said it was very tiring since they had to move around a lot of the time.
Cheer did get things like a party bus and they got to do some fun things along the way. Krisa also told me that she would do this again if she could. She loved hanging out with friends but also getting some time away from her family. They had nice weather up there and said that it looked amazing looking out of her window of the bus to see all the city lights. She really did enjoy this and she wants to continue to do it.She also said they were able to get an Uber that they were able to ride in so it sounded like they had a lot of fun. But it must have been tiring for them to do all this. Krisa stated that it looked like a party and showed me a video that she took while there and the video had a lot of lights and it looked amazing with the performers up on stage. They ended up getting second place out of their region, they had three teams competing and even though they only got second place, it’s still really awesome that they were able to get that close to first place.