Progress reports coming up

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Progress reports are coming up again! It’s the last progress report for third quarter. Fourth quarter is coming up. All students who have Fs should try their best to try and bring it up, because if not then they’re gonna have to do credit recovery because of course everyone knows that you need certain credits to graduate. Progress reports aren’t your report card though, it’s similar but they’re not the same thing at all. Progress reports just show you how you’re doing before the quarter end so that you can see if you have anything to improve on, like on grades and citizenship. Report cards on the other hand, are the your final grade and citizenship for that quarter. So if you have Fs and get your report card, then that means you will have to do credit recovery to make it up.


Progress reports to some people can be a good thing, because some people like to see how they’re doing and also so that they can show their parents on how they’re doing. But to me I kind of find progress reports useless except for one key feature of it. It reminds us that the quarter is almost over and that if you have low grades to try and bring them up. Other than that I don’t really see a use for the progress reports, because students have access to grade book and are able to look at their grades and attendance on that without having to print anything out. I know some students don’t have phones or a computer at home so that they can check their grades, attendance, and all that so they might like the progress reports but me personally, I don’t see a use. Except of course for the reason of remind us that the quarter is almost over.