Remembering Malcolm X

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

Malcolm X was one of the biggest leaders in the civil rights movement for most of his life he was part of the NOI ( Nation of Islam) this was a religious group of people lead by Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm looked up to Muhammad and began to study him and his teachings the FBI became very suspicious of this group so they had many undercover guys watch Malcolm up close and plant a lot of cameras and microphones in his house but one day Malcolm found out that Muhammad was a lier and that he had many relationships with six different woman at once and some  of them had kids finding out this news Malcolm left the group Nation of Islam and made another one called the Muslim Mosque after this he went to Saudi Arabia to visit the Mecca after he came back instead of just preaching to African Americans he Preached to all races  but once his new origination started to get bigger the  Nation of Islam sent multiple assassination attempts to him even one time planting a bomb on his car but they were unsuccessful a lot of times until February 21, 1965 were three gun man rushed on stage and shot him 15 times close range when he died he was 39 years old  1,500 people attended his funeral and when they were gonna bury him his friends took the shovel and did it themselves.