Police dog gets killed in the line of duty

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

On February 13, 2020 police located a suspect that was possibly involved in a homicide earlier in February in North Ogden. When the officer found the suspect, he was on foot and instead of complying with the officers orders, he decided to flee on foot, taking off from officers. The officers, in an attempt to stop the pursuit, pulled out their K-9. When the K-9 got close to the suspect, the suspect pulled out a firearm. The suspect shot and killed the K-9 and officers were forced to shoot and kill the suspect. The K-9’s name was Hondo. According to Gephardtdaily “In keeping with officer-involved critical incident protocol, the case will be investigated by an outside agency, in this case the Salt Lake City Officer-Involved Critical Incident Protocol Team.”. United States Marshal, who the Ogden Police Department had requested assistance from, Matthew D. Harris had this to say about Hondo “Hondo was a warrior, and due to Hondo’s heroic actions, the lives of his human partners were likely saved today.”