Literary Magazine

Austin Jensen and Abbee Rider

If you want the chance to have your writing or artwork published into Hunter High’s Literary Magazine then you need to have those items submitted before March 19th, 2020. Currently, the teachers Ms. Woolf, Waldburger, and Kolloch have been encouraging and having their students submit poems and such into the Lit Mag. This is so beneficial for students during class time because it gives them the opportunity to explore their minds and produce something incredible.

To submit your work into the magazine you need to get a submission form from one of the teachers listed above. On that submission form you will put your name, the title of what you are submitting, your English teacher’s name, and your class period. You will also have to go through and check off a few boxes to ensure that what you have submitted is entirely yours, and that it is legible and not your only copy of it, since what you submit will not be returned back to you. After you fill out the form, you will staple your work to the back of it and give it to Ms. Woolf, Waldburger, or Kolloch.

This is such a great way to show your creativity and passions to the school and to your classmates. It is also very rewarding, whether you make it into the Literary Magazine or not. And if you don’t, then there is always next year to try again.