FCCLA club

Elizabeth Poole, Staff Writer

For the past couple of weeks FCCLA (family career and community leaders of America) club have been doing a book box. I spoke to a student who I met before in my ASL class when saw her standing next to this book box. She told me about FCCLA club and how they were responsible for the book box. They had a goal of 500 books, and they ended up getting 700 thus far. The drive ends on February 21, but you may still bring books to room F208.
The books will go to prisons, nursing homes, and whoever will take them. This is to make sure that books aren’t just getting thrown away in the garbage. They can be used and put to a good cause. The drive includes magazines, comics, and even old textbooks that you don’t use anymore. The FLCCA club is going far with this and it’s nice to see their smiling faces every time someone puts some books in. This is helping a lot of people that can get some knowledge out of these books. Check them out and bring some books, magazines or whatever to help this cause.

This book drive will also help FLCCA club members, as they are getting rewards out of it. They have a high chance of them going to state, which will be in Washington. The clubs such as FLCCA are important because they make a huge impact on people’s lives little by little. The family career and community leaders of America have really shown that they care a lot about the things around them and they want to help in any way they can. Donate books so they can help even more people plus help some of the Hunter’s students.