What is Black History Month

Karen Morales, Staff Writer

Why is black history month celebrated on February? What is Black History Month?

For many generations history has been pretty much in our whole lives for the reason that it is being taught at school or at home. History in general is the study of past times that lets us know what past events had happened that can also be used to study future life events. Over time, we’ve been able to listen and hear many different stories of history itself, many of which can be seen as heroic to one of the most catastrophic one’s that can sometimes put people to have different opinions based on these events. Many may think that history may be just like any other old folk talk without context or need of learning. But to others knowing more about one themselves may strive others to know their past, in terms culture, language, to even living. But even in history some stories may be lost from its origin or simply forgotten.
That is why every February, Black History Month which was founded in 1926 by a man named Carter G. Woodson, is to be celebrated for all those people who’ve not only fought for what’s right but have also been one of the greatest people to invent or teach despite color, race, language, or culture. History itself is a long journey that is still going on for as long as we know, along that line many things that happened may not have been like one of many fairy tales being told like many would have hoped so. But if one were to search even more, History is filled with many life lessons from many great people from many different backgrounds that in hope for a better future, left us such inspiring quotes yet many books, scripts and letters for us to learn from those past events in order for us to keep growing as one.