Parent teacher conferences

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Parent teacher conferences are February 11 and 12, today and tomorrow. I don’t know how many students will be here with their parents. I haven’t actually been to any parent teacher conferences since elementary. In elementary, well at least my school, my teachers would give the students a paper to take home and the parents would have to choose a time that is best for them, so we basically had to go to parent teacher conferences in elementary. But ever since middle school, teachers don’t do that, most likely because you have more than one teacher in middle school. So it’s optional to come. My parents don’t like going to parent teacher conferences because they know that we have many teachers and they don’t want to spend all afternoon talking to teachers. Especially since I’m not an only child. My sister comes to Hunter as well, she’s a senior. I have an older brother but he graduated already, so that wouldn’t really matter to him. But in total with me and my sister, that would be 16 different teachers that my parents would have to meet with. They would have to be going all over the school. I also work today and tomorrow so I wouldn’t even be able to be here with my parents if they decided to come. My sister also most likely works today and tomorrow also. Either way, I have been doing really good in all of my classes. I’m not failing any of my classes, and my attendance is pretty decent with not many absences.