Teens getting hired

Agustin Mariscal, Staff Writer

We all know that when getting hired for a job they always ask for your past experiences that you have had. But the problem that teens have would be them trying to get their first job and not having any experience at any job. This is the top reason why teens don’t get hired at the jobs they apply at, because they lack the experience needed to get the job. Although some jobs accept those teens and give them a job they also respect their schedule that they ask for because they are still in school. The students dealing with most of this problem would be the ones that are juniors or seniors that want to get a job but can’t because they lack the experience.

How do you want teens to get work experience if they aren’t getting hired at the jobs where they apply. This is a serious problem for some teens, due to their family not having much money so they need to get a job to at least maintain themselves. Other teenagers just want a job to get a little bit of extra money to start saving up for college but can’t do that because they don’t meet the required experience to get the job. This is one of the most challenging one yet, students don’t come from a very wealthy family so they want to get a job to start a savings for college but can’t, companies need to understand some of these students and at least give them a chance to obtain a job to better their lives and get some money for their future.

Now some companies do understand and hire teens to their first job, not just that but they also respect the schedule he or she asks for. Even of they need a certain day off for a school activity for event they fully understand and allow you to miss that day, we need more companies like this, to be thoughtful and give more teens a chance at getting a job.