NBA trade deadline

Diego Garay, Staff Writer

There was of talk on this trade deadline, which ends on February 6, with most contenders looking for pieces that make their bench or starting line up deep such as the Lakers and the clippers. Also some teams are making trades to have a really good future, such as the Minnesota TimberWolves  who are trying to trade for D´Angelo Russell. That is why they just had a 4 team trade including trading Robert Covington to the Rockets, but the Wolves got back Malik Beasley, Juancho Hernangomez, and Evan Turner. But the most important thing is they got Atlanta’s first round pick, which is likely going to be a top 3 pick, so that is why they are probably going to trade the Warriors for D´Angelo Russell. Also there is a rumor that the Lakers are trying to trade Kyle Kuzma for veteran player Marcus Morris.