155M-year-old dinosaur

Colby Hayden, Staff Writer

In the past this specific dinosaur was mostly uncovered, and now the bones have been fully unearthed. The rest of the bones were discovered in Northeastern Utah. The fossils have brought up the fact that there was another species of Allosaurus, and that there is plenty more dinosaurs out hidden in the world beneath us to discover. Learning more about these things can help us better figure the past, which can be a good thing. Knowing about different species can also help us out if we ever need these things in the future. I don’t know what exactly know what we may need these fossils for, but unknown things will end up happening in the future, so they may end up coming handy one day.

If you are interested in seeing these Allosaurus fossils you will sadly have to wait awhile. Until these fossils are ready, you can still see the images online. It’s nice to be able to look back at all these cool fossils and see what was once roaming our planet.