Class selections

Rigel Yam, Staff Writer

Class selections are starting soon. Every student should have already gotten their selection card earlier this week. Juniors were the first ones to receive their cards, next up were the sophomores, and last were the freshmen. The 8th graders should already have gotten their registration cards for their freshman year.
For 8th graders, it might be pretty stressful because they will be making a pretty big transition, going from middle school to high school. For the students who are freshmen right now, it’s probably not as stressful for them as much as how it was for them when they were 8th graders and choosing their classes for next year. Sophomores might be stressed, if they don’t have the credits they need to have to be on track for graduation. Juniors, who are about to be seniors, might be really stressed if they don’t have enough credits to be on track for graduation, especially when they are about seniors and will only have one year to try and get enough credits to graduate.
Seniors who don’t have enough credits to graduate, are really on a tight rope right now. If they don’t have enough credits, they either won’t graduate, or they will but just barely. If – and only if – they try their hardest and do their credit recovery as fast as possible, then they could graduate.
From a current sophomore’s perspective, I have many different class options to choose from. More class options will open up during my senior year as well. One main class that opens up for sophomores going into junior year is financial literacy. This is good to know now because it is a required class to graduate.