Latinos in Action

Melina Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Come on in, join Latinos in Action. There will be fun electives, and opportunities to be a role model for younger kids. It’s a way to give back to your community. It’s good for a college application and resume. In Latinos in Action you will meet and get to know students, and have new friends. It’s a place where you can feel welcomed; it makes you feel at home. They will be doing a lot of things such as monthly parties here. You stay after school and celebrate with others.
Latinos in Action will do service projects with others and you can learn something new each time. They will have guest speakers that will talk about how you can become a leader for Latinos in Action and how it helps you  go to college. They will do a reward table were you going to try to reach the end to see what price you get or something. Plus each year there will be a conference where the teachers that had helped you and others are going to talk to the students about how you can become a better student and college ready. In Latinos in Action there is real-world leadership where you will see what you learned throughout the year. To be able to join your CPA has to be 2.00 or above, and if you have more questions talk to Ms. Anderson in room B-104.