Australia’s devastating fires

Haelei VanGend, Staff Writer


Wildfires around the world have almost so simply become more normalized. We hear about them around the world thinking it may never happen to us. Australia has one of the most devastating cases with these wildfires. Since September of 2019 at least 24 million acres have burned, 28 lives lost, and 2,000 homes destroyed. These fires have created so much smoke that it is on the path to circling the globe at least once. This has made the air in sydney so bad that   breathing it is almost equivalent to smoking 19 cigarettes. With these wildfires 1 billion animals, and counting, have died. The spreading of these fires have caused 2 separate fires to cross paths and create what is called a “mega fire.” 

  As for animals, it is not looking good. Billions of animals are dying, although such a high number of them are being swallowed by fire experts say that no species are at risk of extinction. But when the fires are stopped and controlled, most remaining animals will die due to starvation and lack of shelter. As for animals surviving during fired, foxes and cats are being attracted to these fires and eating any rodents that may still be alive.

Before fires ignited, Australia was already entering its hottest and driest year on record making Australia the perfect birthplace for wildfires. Fires were started in many ways, some being lighting ignited, some human actions, but either way they were not going to stop. Australia’s climate was perfect for these fires to continue to grow. These fries have caused Australias sky to turn red and yellow. 

To support these tragic fires Australia has asked for much help. By creating websites you can donate to and spreading information on how to help world wide, Australia has raised over $32 million and donations are still coming in. This money mainly goes to firefighters, and services trying to stop these fires. Recently, 6 year old Owen Colley has learned about these fires. He was very upset about them and asked his mom if any animals had been harmed, and his mother said yes. Now living in Massachusetts, 6 year old Owen has his own connection to Australia. His father grew up there and Owen even lived there for a few months as a toddler. Owen decided that he wanted to do something about the fires and help in any way he can. Owen decided to start making clay koalas.

Owen already loved playing with clay so this is just a pass time for him. Every koala is made by hand and the donations that come in range anywhere from $5-$150. Owen has raised over $100,00 and it is all going towards spreading awareness of what’s going on in Australia and to help fight the fires. A long with Owen there have been many celebrities to donate to these fires as well. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Chris Hemsworth, P!nk, Kylie Jenner, Leonardo Dicaprio, and more have all donated. Australia is in everyone’s heart and we are all wishing the best for them. Donations to support firefighters and the community in Australia are well appreciated.